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    Shanghai Jinzhu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional company that is specialized in the homogenizer’s scientific research, design, manufacture, sale and service. The most of engineering & administration persons ha ve over twenty years experience of homogenizer. Some of them ha ve more than thirty years of experience in homogenizer’s scientific research and design. There are over 200 kinds of "JZH" series of homogenizers designed again. The new “JZH” homogenizers are more superior than the older ones on appearance, operating, maintenance, quality and so on. Nowadays, all the famous dairy and beverage companies in China select Jinzhu’s homogenizers. We believe that the “JZH” homogenizers can help you to produce more excellent productions.
    In core pieces, our company cooperates with several famous graduate schools in China, and material of core pieces are by a particular technics process. It reaches the international advanced level.
    Our company is nearby Dianshanhu which is the biggest Freshwater lake in Shanghai. It covers a total area of over 15000 sqm, and closes to Hongqiao Transportation Hub just about 20 kilometers.  It’s convenient transportation.
    Our company will always offer the best services and the best quality products.
    Welcome all new and old customers visit us and guide and talk over the business.
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